Meet the Monkeys


Gina Preciado has been a professional improv performer since the early 90’s, always with Frank (her husband) and Laura (her friend), first in Reality Optional (Flying Pig Theater) and later in Pittsburgh Theatresports. She’s been a proud member of Amish Monkeys for 18 years! Thanks to Martin Giles, John Lane, Cheryl Young and Jill Jeffrey for giving her tons of fun acting opportunities with The New Group Theater, The Summer Company, and especially the Gemini where she learned to act not only for kids, but with them. Gina is a Standardized Patient by day. If you don’t know what that is, feel free to ask!

Fun Fact: Los Alamos High School (for many years) had a tree on its campus named “Gina’s Tree”, because during her years there she would be seen sitting under it in between classes, reading and conversing with passing students.
Photo of Amish Monkeys performer Gina